Penguin Live Lecture :: Jonathan Levit

No doubt you recognize Jonathan Levit. After all, he’s an actor, magician, television host, and producer who was featured with starring role.. in one of the most highly-acclaimed episodes of “THE X-FILES” and he’s been a host for DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL, and others.

Combining magic and hosting, Jonathan was seen on VH1’s “CELEBRACADABRA” as the host and a judge. He has appeared on “MASTERS OF ILLUSION” on FOX,… And he’s been featured on the covers of GENII and MAGIC MAGAZINE and continues to be a regular performer at the World Famous MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood.

As a magic consultant, he taught the casts of the movies “NOW YOU SEE ME” and “THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE” how to perform their magic. So, when he comes here, to P3e, he’ll teach you an unusual force and share his psychology when working with a spectator to give the impression…that a selected card is arrived at with no involvement from the magician… seemingly taking place completely in the spectator’s hands. And, he’ll describe his handling for a bill switch that allows the bill to truly never leave the audience’s sight.

He’ll show you his Card at any number using performance technique to solidify the impression that the cards were never handled by the magician. Plus, he’ll teach his signature, color-changing deck routine in which a selection (and the whole pack) changes color after being in play for some time.

In addition, Jonathan will be discussing performance and character in the construction and presentation of an act. Can’t miss that. As you can imagine… it’s going to be a thrill to have him join us here. So, do yourself a favor and tune in as we welcome Jonathan Levit, right here to P3.

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  • Penguin Live Lecture :: Jonathan Levit

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    7:00 pm doors open
    3-5 Hours
    2575 N High St