Penguin Live Lecture :: Lincoln Kamm

Lincoln is incredibly versatile, featuring a blend of interactive mind-reading, comedy, and sleight-of-hand. He’s performed over 200 shows at the Magic Castle, done events for Disney Studios, Pixar, Harrah’s Casino, and many other corporate and private events.

And when he comes here, to P3 Magic Theater, Lincoln will share his sophisticated, funny, friendly style of magic with you, and I know you’ll become a fan, too. He’ll teach you updated versions of some of his most talked-about card and coin routines created for his Close-Up Gallery shows at the Magic Castle. He’ll make six coins appear at once, apparently out of nowhere. He’ll turn a regular coin into a giant one, and show you how to do it with other objects. Plus, he’ll teach you his way to vanish a borrowed quarter and have the EXACT SAME coin reappear in a seemingly impossible location. And he’ll share a funny routine he calls “a Mentalist’s paper balls over the head,” where the whole audience knows what the spectator on stage is thinking.

Also, he’ll mess with a spectator’s mind, showing them something they won’t know how to describe while everyone else gets to enjoy their reaction. In addition to that and more, Lincoln will also offer advice on the tricks, body-language and phrases to use for getting more tips during walk-around magic. And he’ll teach you how to make your own professional-looking customized card effects, and how to easily make your own hidden hold-outs and gimmicks.

Look, I personally know Lincoln is a storehouse of clever ideas, and a pleasant person to learn from. I can hardly wait to see what he has in store for us. So, get ready to be surprised and delighted as we welcome Lincoln, right here at P3.

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  • Penguin Live Lecture :: Lincoln Kamm

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    7:00 pm doors open
    3-5 Hours
    2575 N High St