Penguin Live Lecture :: Alberto De Figueiredo


Alberto de Figueiredo is one of the foremost magicians in the Spanish magic scene… a seasoned professionals backed by thousands of performances… in all kinds of venues for all types of audiences. During his career, he has appeared in hundreds of national TV shows both as a host and as a guest.

His charm, talent, and personality will captivate you, and his work as a professional is widely recognized by magicians from all over Spain. He’s written three top-sellings books containing his own creations, philosophy and insights, and he lectures regularly in many countries. And he’s one of the teachers at the world famous, and very prestigious, Ana Tamariz’s Great School of Magic.

And, when he comes here, to P3 Magic Theater, Alberto will teach you routines for both Close-up and Stand-up directly from his working repertiore. He’ll show you something he says is The perfect start for a stage show, and he’ll help a spectator pass the Three tests required to become a magician.

He’ll perform his practical and commercial version of the Signed bill in the lemon, and show you The invisible deck with a twist to create a powerful climax. He may even break out his delightfully magical routine of dice stacking, and a few of his favorite card tricks, including… an An impromptu everywhere and nowhere routine, and An impromptu version of Denis Behr’s “Stop it.” Plus, he may even throw in an escape.

But let me just say this, from what I’ve seen of his work, whatever he decides to perform and teach… you will be thrilled you tuned in here to see… The man whose name I can barely pronounce, but whose magic I can hardly wait to see, Alberto de Figueiredo right here at P3 Magic Theater

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  • Penguin Live Lecture :: Alberto De Figueiredo

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    6:30 pm doors open
    3+ hours
    2575 N. High St.
    Ages 12+