Penguin Live Lecture :: Marc Paul


Marc Paul is an award winning, world-class mind-reader who has made regular appearances on British TV, including.. Equinox – Secrets of the Psychics, Paul McKenna’s Paranormal World, Mysteries, and Paul Daniels’ Secrets, plus his own 16 episode series… entitled “Mind Games” which resulted in Marc receiving the World Magic Award for the “Best Mind-reader of the year.”

He’s also been seen heading-up the mentalism segments of the BBC’s History of Magic series and when he appeared on radio, TV and various on-line media… to promote the premiere of the X-Men First Class movie, he was dubbed “The real-life Professor X.”

And, when he comes here, to P3 Magic Theater, Marc Paul will show you why he’s been so succesful in all types of media, live theatre, and corporate events… as he features a complete unpublished, well-structured mentalism act using minimal props with multiple reveals, all brought about by streamlined methods.

He’ll perform a demonstration of lightning-fast calculation that, for a change, is NOT a magic square. He’ll teach you his drawing duplication that involves the whole audience… During which he also reveals thought-of words, numbers and personal information. And, he’ll share a very clean “hands off” serial number divination, plus a big prediction finale that can be clearly read by the whole audience.

He’ll also teach some of his pet effects, including a super easy and clean number prediction suitable for stage or close-up and guaranteed to create gasps. Plus, another way to do it that actively involves ten members of the audience to make it play very big. And he’ll reveal his exact handling for his Anytime, Anywhere, Any Book booktest, which has long been out-of-print, but now it’s your chance.. to learn all the subtleties that make this an impressively direct and deceptive book test with ANY borrowed book.

Marc used it on TV having a complete stranger pick any book off any shelf in a book store, think of a word and he directly revealed what they were thinking. Plus, he’ll show you his compact re-working of Annemann’s “Telephone Drama” enabling you to reveal a full phone number WITHOUT resorting to any memory work. And he’ll intrigue you with a unique approach to a one-ahead routine with no visible one-ahead, and so much more that you absolutely must see.

So, tune in here to learn the professional touches and insights from years of experience in all venues as we welcome Marc Paul, right here at P3 Magic Theater.

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  • Penguin Live Lecture :: Marc Paul

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    6:30 pm doors open
    1 Hour
    2575 N. High St
    Ages 12+