Penguin Live Lecture :: Patrick Redford


Patrick Redford is equally adept at performing stage mentalism, as well as impromptu, on-the-spot mental effects. Perhaps best known as the creator of Prevaricator, his masterpiece of non-contact mind-reading and lie detection, Redford has captured the attention… of such notable peers as Banachek, Derren Brown, Keith Barry, Marc Salem, Andrew Mayne and many others, with his unique mentalism creations.

He has advised and created custom projects for many of the top pros, and continues to produce material that is considered among the best of the best. His first Penguin Live lecture garnered one glowing review after another, and now, Patrick Redford is back with some of his most commercial material to date. He will play a game of virtual roulette where one person focuses on a negative thought while three others focus on happy thoughts… He’ll show you how to tune-in to these thoughts and separate the negative one from the happy ones and also how to divine precisely what each thought is. Plus, he’ll teach you two other techniques using this devious principle that you can perform impromptu, anywhere, anytime.

He’ll also show a unique, multi-phase piece of mind-control where you make it impossible for someone to remove a cigarette from its pack.It’s like a pocket-sized, light-and-heavy chest that may be adapted to a borrowed pack of cigarettes. He’ll give the audience the power to predict a coin spin or flip successfully every time. And, he’ll finally tip one of his closely guarded secrets… it’s his method for controlling the orientation of how a coin spun on a table will land… without touching the coin.

And, he’ll show a way to use an invisible coin to make decisions which create an imaginary picture, yet you somehow actually control the outcome. Plus, he’ll delve into an in-depth discussion on Equivoque, sharing his treasured techniques that you’ll swear couldn’t be. He’ll also share one of his favorite physical manifestations where a coin is bent without the performer coming in contact with it.

And that’s not all, Redford will also perform selected pieces from his newest book, Applesauce, with his take on Any Card at Any Number,… the Open Prediction, and 51 Faces North. Of course, if you’re already familiar with his work, you’ll definitely want to check out this lecture. If for some reason, your unfamiliar with him, this is your chance to become a fan as we welcome back Patrick Redford, right here at P3 Magic Theater.

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  • Penguin Live Lecture :: Patrick Redford

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    6:30 pm doors open
    1 Hour
    2575 N. High St
    Ages 12+