Penguin Live Lecture :: Mark Leveridge

Mark Leveridge is a magician, author, creator, dealer, and publisher who is extremely creative and really knows (from years of experience) what works.

When he comes here to Penguin Live, he’ll present a lecture entitled “The Five Aspects Of Close Up” in which he will talk about…

five typical situations where close-up magic is used to entertain. These include: Walkaround (where all audience members are standing, like a cocktail party)

table hopping (moving from one large dinner table to another, like a banquet), restaurants (entertaining at small tables for friends or families),

formal close-up show (prepared pieces magic on a close-up pad), and trade-shows (where you attract a crowd and use close-up to promote a company).

For each of the five situations, Mark will talk about what’s required and perform and explain many suitable effects including:

His neat and effective combination of the Submarine Card and Oil And Water, and a killer coin routine for walkaround with a stunning finish.

He also has a clever re-working of the Parade Of The Kings card prediction effect that is smooth and convincing.

And he’ll show you his Mindreading Teddy, which is a great example of how you can take a random object and devise a memorable routine around it.

Plus, he’ll teach you an up-in-the-hands, commercial color-changing deck routine which is fast and to the point, and many more routines.

So, discover for yourself why top professionals rave about his material as Mark Leveridge joins us right here at Penguin Live.

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    7:00 pm doors open