Penguin Live Lecture :: Phill Smith

UK based mentalist, writer, designer and consultant Phill Smith has been creating powerful mind reading effects for more than a decade. Best known for his three handbooks to contemporary mentalism, Mitox, Yokai and MoKEle, his creative approach yields innovative modern mentalism…created for real-world situations and real-world audiences… and performed by professionals around the world on stage and television.

Phill has consulted for numerous pros and shows in the UK, Belgium and Ukraine, including writing and development credits on the TV show Impossible?.. In addition to all this, Phill has also performed professionally in a wide variety of settings including sell-out public shows, to rave reviews.
And when he comes here, to P3 Magic Theater, Phill will explain his own personal approach to creating high-impact mentalism effects…and developing a unique performing character that audiences will remember for years to come.

He’ll show you an ungimmicked, sleight-free method for discerning ANYTHING drawn or written on a business card,… a simple way to make a cartology reading into a strange performance piece, and a subliminal suggestion that helps you control a spectator’s free choice.

Plus, he’ll share a punchy, contemporary presentation for an ungimmicked booktest, that also serves as a demonstration how to “bomb-proof” any effect. Phill will also explain the inner workings of his notorious Quinta, a powerful utility method designed as a completely fair alternative…to the traditional magician’s choice, giving you a streamlined, propless way to force literally anything.

Plus, he’ll show you how to hit a personal best in an incredible mental challenge that will blow spectators away, and so much more.So, tune in here to learn the secrets of a man whose mentalism is a symphony of elegant solutions, Phill Smith, right here at P3.

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  • Penguin Live Lecture :: Phill Smith

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    7:00 pm doors open
    2 - 5 hours
    2575 N High St.
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